Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wedding

So after the quick trip to my cousin's we went to the wedding. The bride is a longtime friend of the family. She is my sister's age, she has a sister my age and a brother my brother's age. We grew up playing sports together and carpooling and all of that good stuff.

Truly, the sister of the bride was a bit like a little sister to me (she was actually a year younger in school).

We hadn't seen them in quite some time so it was great to catch up. What was even crazier was remembering how tall they are.

The bride is 6'4" and the bride's sister is 6'0". Seriously. So if I look like a teeny tiny person you must first put this information into perspective.

My brother and his girlfriend offered to watch the kids during the wedding (a blessing!) but they never miss a good party so they came to the reception. Dinner and dancing? They're always in.

The gang. Hotflawedmama. Amber, the one closest to my age. The bride, Nikki, with my sister in front of her. Emily and Kerri. All longtime friends.

My budding photographer.

Dailah preparing to eat candy.

Her dance moves.

And our dance moves (that would be an air guitar by hotflawedmama.)


kait said...

glad you clarified about that air guitar, because i was thinking more of a michael jackson crotch grab. also good.

stillarockstar said...

How did I NEVER know you all were cousins?! Are you first cousins...what's the connection?

jjnikkij98 said...

funny, I have been reading your blog (saw the link on your facebook) starting from the beginning, just started a few weeks ago and I'm just getting to April 09 and I see the post the wedding and I was like whos' wedding and then what do you know I'm in the picture.. Anyway I have really enjoyed reading your journey, very inspirational, you really do have a talent for getting to the heart of the matter. You have made me laugh and cry, lets call it an AJ moment. I have been thinking I need to start blogging so I can have a record of all the precious moments with my little mario. Anyway, Good luck, and travel safe next week! I know you're excited to meet your boys!!