Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bodystep, Yeah!

We had our Bodystep launch yesterday. Though most of you have no interest in this, I do have some fellow Les Mills instructors reading this so this is for you!

Our theme was 80's rock party. (Hence the pink tights, leg warmer, side pony and sweet make up). When we decide on a theme I typically don't just go halfway. I was relieved to see that Emily was up for anything too.

It went really well, good amount of people. The new music is awesome and the moves kicked my butt.

I think I sweated out 50% of the water in my body.

Anyway, it was great! Thanks to all of you who came out.

In action.

Emily and hotflawedmama.

A participant who got in the spirit.


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tkladynred said...

You are SO adorable. This makes me very contemplative about coming back to step. oooooomyachingbackandlegsandheart....I love you for your infectious enthusiasm! (AND because you are my daughter in heart) how lucky can I be???