Sunday, August 10, 2008


What an awesome weekend. We left to go to my parent's place on Friday. Friday night/Saturday morning we spent at the lakehouse. Saturday night found us at the overcrowded Iowa State Fair and today we went to Adventureland in the morning and will be heading back after the kids' naps. It's awesome. More details later. In the meantime, questions from some of my commenters that I will answer quickly.

#1. Why do you call Dailah, "Doozie"? Um, not sure. I'm kind of the queen of nicknames so it just so happens all of my kids have about 3 of them. Tariku is still aquiring nicknames but so far he seems to like "My Ethiopian Prince" the best. :) Imagine that. Doozie has stuck because when she gets tired she is quite a "doozie". But seriously, she's the best doozie in the world.

#2. Would we consider adopting an older child again? Um, quite honestly if any of you out there wanted to give us money to adopt again we'd be on our way adopting an older child in a heartbeat. Of course there are challenges to older child adoption but their are to infant adoption as well, they're just different. I can say without hesitation that we're so very thankful we went with a 3-year-old and would not hesitate a second to do it again. In fact, we encourage anyone who can swing it to give it a try! :)

Stay tuned for pictures!


Cindy said...

Yeah...if we had the money we would start again too...
Someday maybe :)

Tarah said...

Love that you are a nickname freak. :) Also nice to know why you call her doozie.

Have a fun week.