Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1 adult, 5 kids, 3 dogs = Success

(Can you tell I finally got internet after 2 days? Hence the 4 posts)

Last night I offered to watch my nephews while my bro and sis-in-law went to their FINAL HOMESTUDY (yippee!) to bring home my niece from Ethiopia. Zach had to work so it was just me, 5 kids, and 3 dogs. I was nervous, admittedly, but things went along swimmingly.

I even, just to prove I could, decided to cook a homemade meal. This meal was complete with stuffed chicken breasts (with made-from-scratch stuffing) and homegrown tomatoes. After dinner I spoiled them with berry cheesecake. Seriously, am I an amazing aunt or what? Shoot, let's just round up and call me an amazing woman. Check out the pic (obviously much tastier looking in person).

And some more just for your enjoyment...

Abe's namesake.

Doozie didn't have pockets so she borrowed Puddin's to store her toy.

They are the best of friends, seriously.

Yes, I was proving a lot to myself last night. I bet Zach I couldn't fit 5 Klipschs in a tub. I won.


ChiTown Girl said...

The tub picture is hilarious!! What's up with Eli's face? Too funny!

Lindsay W said...

I can only strive to do these things for my one child that you are doing for five...super impressive!

Coffeybunny said...

I've been a loyal blog stalker for a while now, as a fellow CHSFS adoptive mom. Your posts are touching and inspiring and hilarious. Thanks for brightening my life.