Monday, November 19, 2007

It begins...

I've just spent the last 3 hours shopping for African hair products. I don't even know what I'm doing. I have no business pretending to know what is going on. But after reading and rereading some comments on the forum I think I'm becoming ever so slightly more informed. I am shopping for hair products for a boy whose hair I've never even touched. I'm shopping for products because this is the only way I know how to take care of my son who's halfway across the world.

On a slightly better note, I've done some online Christmas shopping as well so at least the last 3 hours will have been somewhat productive.

As a baby book mention, Dailah is getting her molars to come in, which is crazy weird seeings her teeth in between haven't come in yet but it's cool. I'm surprised she hasn't been complaining as they are some honkin teeth!

We get to send Tariku a 1 gallon bag full of stuff. There's a lot of pressure on me to send the coolest stuff ever to be received by a child at the care center (obviously the pressure is all mine seeings I can't let go of my uuber competitive nature). But seriously, he will be "meeting" us in this bag. OH THE PRESSURE! Right now I'm thinking we'll send a blanket that Terre embroidered with his name on it that we've been sleeping with so it smells like us. A picture book with pictures of the family describing who we are with pages left to fill once we get to Ethiopia and meet him. Trysten is going to put a few of his toys in, knowing they will probably not come back home. I want to do something really neat, like put a tape recorder of Zach playing the guitar and singing a few songs to him. I might even work up the courage to sing a bedtime lullaby or something like that, we'll see! So anyway, I'm trying to get that together right now but I've noticed I have very few pictures of me alone or Zach alone and we have no family pictures to speak of. Things to do I suppose!


Emily said...

On mention of a "baby book" moment, I wanted to share with you some books I've learned of that might interest you:
My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families
Our Chosen Child:How You Came to Us & the Growing Up Years

Good luck with all of your preparations...I'm sure it's all so wonderfully exciting...every moment of it!

Tarah said...

Tezeta NEVER got her picture book we sent. :( So, take a little preassure off. I think the older ones do get the stuff more than the babes. I would suggest reading two or three books on tape. Send a small player with LOTS of batteries. Take the books to the first meeting. THis might help the comfort level. :) I know a mama that read goodnight moon to her baby on tape. When she arrived the baby knew her voice and was excited to see her! HOW COOL!! Wish I had done this.