Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dancing Queen

A few weekends ago Dailah had her dance recital. She'd been super excited (and nervous) about it for a month leading up to it always asking when it was. It (and by that I mean "she") did not disappoint.

It's no secret that Dailah holds a special place in all our hearts as the only girl in the family. The brothers dote on her, make wonderful exclamations when she steps out in a new outfit, "You are beautiful!" As for Zach and myself, we admit to shamelessly doting as well. It's hard not to when some days she's the only one that smells good and hasn't tried tackling me all day. 

So when we got a few minutes to celebrate her very girl-ness, we jumped at the chance. She was beautiful, and precious and perfect. 

I mean, seriously.

She had so many people come to support her we took up 2 rows. Her village is rather amazing. Here with the Dawson contingency. 

Just 'cuz I can't help it.

With her flowers we bought her. But would you be able to help yourself?

My babes in all their long haired glory.

With my niece Adley who LOVED the whole show, pretty remarkable for a 1 1/2-year-old!

Jealous of her, don't mind saying it.

Klipsch contingency (with Aunt Kait just home from Japan!)

Can you feel all of the doting? Yeah.

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