Monday, October 10, 2011

I know, I know

if you're anything like me you feel like you're the kind of person who wants to know everything about everything. You probably spend endless hours researching new ideas on new ideas and various websites on points of interest. Then you learn something that you find so revolutionary you almost wish you wouldn't have read/watched it. Because if you act on what you know is true (and wrong) then a lot has to change in your cozy little life. And you look back and you think, "Dang that was nice when my head was buried in the sand just a few short minutes ago." But you can't put that information back. You can't take it out of your head. If you're like me you'll probably lose a little sleep over it and then swear to take baby steps to improving your specific part of this world.

I'm only one little lady but I can still do all one little lady is capable of. In this case, I can tell you.

Halloween is a coming. This means Americans will spend a redonkuless amount of money on chocolate.

Rage Against the Minivan is one of my favorite bloggers. First she wrote this post. Which was pretty "yikes!"

But this post brought it home.

I know, I know, you didn't click those links. Which is understandable. You came to check in with the 5 cutest kids in the world, the husband who pleases his little lady and the little lady herself but I need you to check those links out. It's on my mind a lot lately and should be on your mind too. So if you're at all interested in the goings on at hotflawedmama then you need to go there. Otherwise if you see me in the grocery store we just might not have anything to talk about. :)

Come back here and tell me what you think.


Erin said...

Rocked my world. And not in a good way. I LOVE chocolate, and I'm changing my ways.

Kelley said...

I read this after she posted it and wished I could un-read it. Oh ignorance is bliss, but we have all chosen a life of action. But who knew we'd have to give up the chocolate too... I'm interested to hear some alternative Halloween idea awesomeness coming from you!

Anonymous said...

I sort of had a clue about this, but only a little clue, so it was conveniently ignorable. Then I read her post. Today I did NOT buy a candy bar at the store when I almost did. The fact that I was at the store fresh from the gym normally would not have prevented the purchase. The fact that I have gained four pounds since I started a "diet" a few weeks ago, would not have deterred me. But the child labor - yeah - that made me skip a candybar. Thanks for spreading the word.

terre said...
A great organization to give your extra $$. It's all about stopping the trade of people. humans. children. enough said. visit and give.

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

Thanks for linking! I'm following down the rabbit hole, researching all of our family purchases, and YIKES. I have a lot to learn!

scooping it up said...

Thank you for sharing. I read Minivan's post last week and it's been brewing. At this point I am Wishing all the fair trade companies would make imitation peanut M&Ms, because I don't want to buy that crap anymore but I don't know how to fill the void. Shit. Am I gonna have to make them from scratch or something?