Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Years

8 years ago my hubby promised to love me for the rest of forever, and I promised to do the same.

We were young, and marrying young gets a bad rap for good reasons sometimes, but we've got a lot of hard work, support and luck on our side so getting married young happens to have worked out really well for us.

We've changed since those "kids" 8 years ago, but we've been lucky to change together. Honestly, when we first started we were all about growing up quickly. We wanted the house, and the yard and the 2 large SUVs, we wanted the Benjamins everything our parents had worked hard for many decades to get. I remember our third anniversary we actually went shopping for bigger diamonds for me even though we didn't have the money. Today, our wedding rings look like this.

Zach picked these bad boys up in one of the shops in Ethiopia. Just a little bull horn to seal the deal of forever. We think they look awesome and I think I look ridiculously pale we couldn't be cuter with our matching rings.

Since that time 5 years ago, we've shrunk our income, I decided to stay-at-home, we aren't buying cars every 2 years and we are tightwads sensible with our money.

We've gotten closer to God and closer to each other over these last 8 years and for that I'll be eternally grateful.

But this man, he is everything to me he really is. I remember thinking when I married him that I couldn't possibly love him more than in that moment but I was so wrong. Because each day is better than the last and my love really does only grow.

I don't know if it will stop but I still get giddy around 5pm knowing he'll be walking in the door in the next few minutes. I still like getting dressed up from time to time and watching his reaction (he's good at humoring me in those moments as well).

8 years and 5 kids later he's still the only guy for me...till death do us part.


Chatter said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love is great! I know what you mean about thinking you couldn't love them anymore. It just keeps getting better. Great picture of you two - adorable!!!
Congrats on no.8! We celebrate no.6 on Saturday :)

Rachel said...

We just celebrated 10 and like you, it just keeps getting better. :) Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!

Cindy said...

You two are too cute! Happy Anniversary!
Getting married young turned out beautifully for us too!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary. Always forget that ours are so close to each other. Funny to think of you driving an SUV and purchasing bigger diamonds. Blessings upon you both and your precious family on this day. Miss you, B

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw...happy anniversary!!! What a beautiful essay in honor of your lovely marriage. :)

Becky Nakashima Brooke said...

I am a teary eyed! So sweet! Love how in love you are:)

Tarah said...

Happy Anniversary!
LOVE the rings. :)

cathy said...

this just gave me warm fuzzies all over.