Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Doba-days

That's one of the many nicknames for Dailah (Day-la, lots of people ask how to pronounce her name).

Well, it was her birthday yesterday. I'm kind of refusing to believe that this baby girl of mine, the one born almost a month early, has turned 4. How? What? Why do these years go by so quickly? Not a fan.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I never wanted girls. Not in the way other women do. I'm not really a girly girl. I tried Cosmos during the Sex and the City craze but it never stuck, the only mixed drink I've dabbled with is a Gin and Tonic (mama likey).

I guess I'm getting off point. Although moms around the world can understand how I could be talking about our children and naturally stray to talk of stiff drinks.

Anywho, moving along...Dailah, birthday girl.

She is funny, she is smart, she is spunky and sweet. She is a snuggler, she is beautiful, she loves being a little sister but probably not more than she loves being a big sister. Dailah revels in being the lone she-wolf in a pack of hairy, stinky boys. If there is make up or jewelery anywhere within a few miles Dailah can find it. She loves chips and chocolate (proof of her girlhood, obviously). Zach and I could argue for hours over whether she's a mommy or daddy's girl but the truth is she's just naturally gifted at making people feel special.

Dailah's not perfect, none of my kids are. But she is perfect for us, and I'll take that any day.

So the birthday girl chose donuts (instead of pancakes, cereal, etc) surprise, surprise.

The boys benefited from her decision making.

We also did our annual measurements. Boy has she grown!

After a bit of play time we decided we could give her her first present. I bought this apron from the Water For Christmas etsy shop. Cute stuff for a good cause? Fuggetaboutit.

Oops, did I mention it came in a "mommy and me" package?

Then it was off to Dailah's preschool doctor's appointment. No big deal, though she did end up charming the pants of an otherwise uncharmable doctor (who I love, but is seriously dry). Oh, and got her finger pricked but after a sucker and sparkly band-aid she was ready for her close up again.

After this it was off to the birthday party. At Incredible Pizza. When running into the party, Dailah somehow managed to twist her ankle. It started to swell, she couldn't put weight on it, good times. Other than that, it actually was a good time.

She opened presents (this one from Ethiopia. A shawl we bought from the Leper hospital). Oops, did I mention I have one too? I might have more than made up for the non-excitement about having a girl since bringing home 2 more boys.

Papa Frank got the girl a bike so this picture was more of a distraction so she wouldn't see it being wheeled in but it's cute enough to post.

After all of that excitement Grandma Connie took them all to Build-A-Bear. They were all a little tired, little hungry. The new habeshas specifically were kind of all over the place but we finished with some purty cute little stuffed animals.

Let it be known, I love this girl more than words can say. She rounds out the family in the most awesome way. So, so thankful I get her in my life. I love my sweet, sweet baby girl.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday!

Lindsey said...

Looks like Dailah had a great birthday!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy birthday, Doozy!

LCMomX4 said...

Dailah is such a beuatiful little girl.

Becky Nakashima Brooke said...

She is gorgeous:) Love her little face:)

Amy Marie said...

I love her too! Happy Birthday Dailah!

cathy said...

you always crack me up, and this is no exception. but what a beautiful tribute to your daughter. love it.

Chatter said...

So sweet!! Happy Birthday Dailah!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Dailah! She is just precious.

And I must add that I have that exact same table runner, wooden sugar (?) container, and a black shawl from the Leper hospital. Makes me smile.

Hope you are all doing well. Missed seeing you this week but I think, as of today, we are getting back on track. Love to you.

Stacie said...

What a beautiful family you have! A friend of mine just adopted a son from Ethiopia. I am going to send her to your blog!