Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shoeless Wonder

So today was the annual "One Day Without Shoes" sponsored by TOMS.

That meant for the whole day (with the exception of when I was either walking through the Y-they have a policy about barefeet-or teaching my classes) my piggies looked like this.

The "One Day Without Shoes" campaign asks us to go without shoes for a day, an hour or a moment to put ourselves where a lot of the developing world is...shoeless.

I've talked before about Tariku's feet. There's a disease in Ethiopia that infects the feet and leads to some pretty awful stuff, 100% preventable with good foot hygiene Tariku clearly went shoeless his first 3 years of life. This is a real issue.

So try it tomorrow.

Until then, go here and getcha some. I might just have to purchase the "Purple Sumatra Vegan Classic". Buy a pair, a pair goes to someone who needs them. One for one, it's almost too easy.


Christina said...

So weird, I was checking out the latest on Tom's website and not 15 min later he was on Chelsea Lately. I've got my eye on a few, comfortable?

Hopper family said...

Love my TOMS!
Have you happened to try the tinyTOMS yet? Just wondering if the kids would like them?

Leah Ann