Friday, February 12, 2010

The Adoption

I really have no reason that I have been a bit quieter about this adoption than the last. I suppose it's because I know it could still be awhile. I also vividly remember how, with Tariku's adoption, Zach would sometimes come home and say things like, "Do you have to tell them (the blog readers) everything?"

Well yes, clearly I did. :)

So it's a little different this time. But not much, because I do so enjoy (over)sharing. And honestly, sometimes this kind of stuff is easier with people like you.

This stuff, really. We're "getting there" in the process. We had our first homestudy Wednesday. I have the entire dossier done and ready. It sounds like we'll be able to complete our homestudy if not next week then the week after. So hopefully in two weeks we'll be officially waiting.

As of right now we are open to 2 kids ages 5 and under. We've thought/prayed long and hard about it, and we're pretty excited about the whole deal.

Our agency, we're really happy with them. They are very good about answering any questions. Their top priority is very obviously the children. They have been on the international adoption "scene" since the beginning of time, which gives us a lot of comfort. I don't necessarily want to get into it here, but if you have specific questions about the agency please email!

Thanks for asking about it, for supporting it, for actually wanting me to talk about it incessantly (you did say that, right?) :)

More to come!


Susan said...

Thanks for "talking incessantly" - which isn't incessantly at all. It's reassuring to hear others talk about their adoption experience, and it's the best way to learn about what international adoption is all about.

I adopted my daughter from Guatemala in 2005, and the biggest help to me was hearing the stories of others. And congratulations on the start of your adoption journey!

Andrea said...

Can't wait for you to talk incessantly about it! :o) Congrats on getting the ball rolling, and quickly! :o)

Erica Jo (mamasweetpea) said...

SO EXCITED to live vicariously through this one with you! If you ever want to "talk" instead of "type"
my afternoons are always free and I would LOVE to listen!

Hugs my friend!

Beth said...

Amazing that your dossier is done. Good for you. Looking forward to hearing news soon. Love to you.

Cindy said...

Keep talking! We love it : )

Charity Hildebrand said...

Keep sharing your journey! I am enjoying reading along :) We are waiting for a referral right now. Reading other adoption blogs has been such a huge wealth of information and wisdom! Thanks for sharing!


Chatter said...

I can't wait to hear more!!
p.s. I'd love to hear abouty our agency if you don't mind emailing.