Monday, June 18, 2007

My Baby Boy All Growed Up

So today was a tough day as a baby boy went off to day camp. :( We packed his bagpack last night and this morning he ate a good breakfast and was ready to tackle his day. He went to work with Zach because day camp doesn't start until 9 and Zach goes in about 8. So he got to hang out with his daddy for an hour. Zach said when he dropped him off at the day camp place and saw Trysten head out with the other kids he almost cried. It's a good thing I wasn't the one dropping him off, I've been a bit emotional lately and I would've embarrased both Zach and Trysten, I'm sure. So his activities will last from 9-4 and include things like hiking, swimming and arts and crafts. Zach said he's doing well but at lunch time (corn dogs and tator tots) he was asking if it was time to go home yet. :) That's my boy, he really does miss us. He kept saying last night and this morning..I'm really going to miss you guys when I'm at camp. Little does he know I've thought of little else today. It is interesting because, as a whole, I would consider Zach and myself pretty laid-back parents. But we have been nervous wrecks about this week at day camp! Perhaps control issues are to blame?

Dailah started waving over the weekend. As in, on purpose waving to say hello and good bye. Although interestingly enough, she does it backwards so it looks more like a full-handed "come here" but it's extremely irresistable and deserving of lots of hugs and kisses.

Father's Day was wonderful. Zach put off going into work for just enough time to go to breakfast with us. It felt like we were spoiled with so much daddy time! After these last couple of weeks, I have newfound respect for single moms. I know I've said it before, but it's not even about raising the kids on your own, which can be tough. I just miss talking to him at night and things. I am blessed with easy kids so my reasons for missing Zach are mostly selfish. :)

Tomorrow marks exactly one month until our adoption classes. I can't wait! I'm excited to learn (as most of you know, I'm a bit of a junkie when it comes to that) but perhaps even more excited to really give the process a jump start. I've finished another book which brings the total to 8 (!) adoption-related books since May. :) I know, I'm ridiculous. But I get crazy when I'm excited about something!

I have been doing so much research, budgeting, etc and had figured out a way to give my 30 days today. Alas, it didn't happen after talking with my favorite hubby. He talked me into a few more months so we can save for the adoption. I know these kids will be worth it, but I am REALLY looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life! Be praying for my sanity the next few months and for us to continue finding ways to pay for this adoption!

Anyway, I'll post pictures of the well-captured first day of camp as well as just other cute ones as soon as I can download them to the computer. Until then, peace, love and happiness!

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